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Vital Greens

Vital Greens

Vital Greens is a product that captures all that’s good in nature in an easy to mix powder form that goes with pure water or juice:

Vital Greens is a healthy supplement packed with nutrients to help you get the most out of life. Furnished to consumers as a powder that is intended to be mixed with water or a non-alkaline juice before drinking, this supplement provides protein, vitamins, essential minerals and dietary fiber.

Vital greens: get healthy the vital greens way:
Mix this healthy powder with cold water or non-alkaline juice to have a refreshing, healthful drink that is potent with the nutritious ingredients needed for healthy active living.

Vital Greens are formulated in a natural way that allows you to enjoy them in juice or cold water to get the health and nutrition boost you need and deserve. Achieving maximum health is easy when you drink the delicious mixture that results from mixing up this green drink according to the easy to follow directions!

Provide your loved ones with total nutrition and the means to help achieving complete health with the simple to mix refreshing supplement known as Vital Greens:
This easily – prepared health supplement is an ideal mixture to use to augment the diets of your family or loved ones. Only 2 teaspoons of the powder are required to complete the mixture. Once mixed, the satisfying and healthful drink is ready to consume.
Conclusion about why using Vital Greens
This product can pack an impressive punch toward keeping you strong and healthy. Give your body what it needs to stay healthy: give it Vital Greens products! Take care of yourself with this delicious and simple drink mix to make sure that you nourish your body properly! Nothing could be easier than providing your body with this easy to use supplement!

The history of Sex Toys

The history of adult toys

The history of sex toys goes back to the 10th century. Most adult toys were carved out of wood or stone and even made out of glass, silver, gold, lead, mercury and even animal horns. Basically whatever the Grecians and Romans could get their hands on. During the Ming Dynasty the ben wa balls were invented and were often made of lead or mercury. I’m sure health problems were involved with those Adult toys. By the 40’s a quarter of most women were using some form of adult toy for personal pleasure.

Things could range from cucumbers, bananas, carrots and candles. However, an sex toys isn’t just something you can insert, it can be a silky tie, ribbon, a wooden spoon or ice. The possibilities are endless and the creativity knows no bounds. In 1869 doctors believed women’s hysteria could be treated with an orgasm.

So to relieve their tired arms from performing “pelvic massage” a doctor created a steam powered dildo. With the 1960’s came the booming sex industry, although most dildos were still made of hard plastic.

Luckily now a day’s adult toys are made of safer materials that are more hypoallergenic such as silicone, Elastoplast, and jelly rubber. Materials that are safer to those that have certain allergies. They are also more readily available than they were in the 40’s when the topic alone was taboo. In the 40’s you couldn’t find an adult toy store. That is why most women got creative with things around the house. In the 20th century there are numerous stores available and not to mention online shopping for discretion. The adult toy industry has changed drastically in the past century.